The Index Fund Paradox of Choice

The method I took involved 6 steps:

Top 3 broad US stock market-based mutual funds and ETFs selection process.

Step 1/2: Data gathering and mining

Step 3: US equity index fund filtering

Step 4/5: Calculating the estimated hypothetical growth of $100k over 15 years and ranking


Top 10 broad US equity index funds.
Known broad US equity index funds.
To be fair, many of the funds with an ER > 0.3% were Class funds — meaning, the ER may decrease after you satisfy some investment minimums.
Total Market funds have been outperforming S&P 500 funds over the past 5 years, but not the past 10.

Step 6: TL;DR

Top 3 Mutual Funds:

Top 3 ETFs:

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Flint Luu

Flint Luu

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